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Rob Catalanello

Madison Mayoral Candidate

My Vision

Geraldine Dodge pushed the boundaries of what to expect from municipal government.  She was an innovator: our Fire Department, Electric and Water Utilities, and even the design of our train station are in one way or another the product of her forward thinking and innovative spirit.  Madison is still enjoying the benefits of our early spirit of innovation. 

All one must do is listen to the message of our opponents to understand how far away they are from the entrepreneurial spirit of our past.  “Flattery to ourselves does not change the nature of what is wrong”.   The current majority’s most grievous wrong is they rely too heavily on the status quo rather than plan for the future.  I am running because I believe I have the leadership skills to recapture that spirit of innovation and lead Madison into the next decade and beyond. 

I have tremendous respect for our history, but I know we must adapt for our future.  I believe I can harness the spirit of the past, and work with the formidable assets we possess as a community to prepare us for the future.  The challenges are not insignificant; the environment, changing demographics, the uncertain fiscal condition of our state, and the reliance on fossil fuels to fund our lifestyle are just a few.  We must reinvent ourselves to be successful in the coming decades.  I will draw from my experience and track record of innovation in the private sector to retake the initiative we have lost and put our borough on a sustainable path for the future.


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