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Mr. Catalanello has been nothing short of an inspiration to me over the years I have known him and his family. Mr. Catalanello has taught me what it truly means to be tireless, congenial, and understanding. I believe that Mr. Catalanello is not only a natural-born leader, but he is also compassionate, two traits that are rarely seen together. Being from a military household, my family and I have always valued a tightly knit community, and there is a reason why we ended up back where we started. Moreover, I am convinced that Mr. Catalanello will preserve the feeling of home in this community, and isn’t that what we all want?

Justyn Russo

21, Madison Resident

College Student


Since moving to Madison NJ four years ago I have experienced first hand how expensive it can be for young professionals. Rob and his robust financial background give me confidence that he can solve the hard-hitting budget questions that consistently impact our community. 

Matthew Artigliere

28, Madison Resident


As a lifelong resident of Madison, I am concerned with the direction taken by our current leadership. Change is inevitable, but we need responsible change and leaders with the courage and foresight to guide the process. When I see the amount of high-density housing, the alarming increase in traffic density, and the changes in zoning laws that will harm Madison’s home values, it is clear we need change — we need new and strong leadership to ensure Madison’s future.


I am supporting Rob Catalanello for Mayor because I believe he has the expertise and courage to move Madison to a more positive future. I know he will act in the best interest of all Madison residents.  

Fran Mantone

Life-long Madison Resident



Rob has been a great partner to youth sports in Madison. He was especially key in the development of Madison  Recreation Complex.

Tara & Nick Spagnoletti

Madison Residents